MUVP Online Teaching Session, 2021

Volunteers conducted online teaching sessions for children and teens in various subjects such as Science, Mathematics, and English using Zoom. This year, sessions were conducted in collaboration with UNHCR Manna House Learning Centre, Trinity Community Children Home, and HOPE Worldwide, Shelter Refugee Home.

In Semester 2, we were able to partner with MIASA. Our MIASA volunteers helped out with research, preparing various materials for the organization and other tasks virtually. T

A big thank you to our dedicated volunteers and we hope the situation alleviates so in-person sessions can be carried out soon 

MUVP Online Teaching Session, 2020

All the volunteering sessions were conducted online in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The online teaching sessions were conducted with UNHCR Manna House Learning Centre and Trinity Community Children Home to teach children and teens some subjects including science, mathematics and English over Zoom.

These sessions ensure that all kids are still learning even during the pandemic.

Hope that COVID-19 situation gets better soon, so that we can have more volunteering sessions to be conducted!

MUVP Volunteer Appreciation Night Sem 2, 2019

On the 18th of October 2019 volunteers from all our partner-NGOs gathered for a night filled with fun activities!

MUVP Volunteer Appreciation Night brought together over 100 volunteers who have been working towards a good cause in our program throughout the semester.

Our activities that fateful night included delicious food, photo booth fun and a video montage of volunteers to reminisce their time spent doing volunteer work.

We hope that everyone had a great time mingling during the night, and we hope to see you in our upcoming events!

Day trip to KLCC with UNHCR Sem 2, 2019

To participate in something meaningful during the mid-semester break, MUVP invited members and non-members to a fun day out to bring refugee children from UNHCR Manna Learning Centre to Petrosains KLCC on the 5th of October 2019.

The volunteers helped in chaperoning and having fun interactions with the children and also in distributing lunch!

The event was fun-filled and the children, including our volunteers had an amazing time!

MUVP Food Bazaar Sem 2, 2019

MUVP hosted its last Food Bazaar of the year from 3rd September to 5th September near the Field Area.

Food vendors offered a wide range of delicious food items including Dumplings, Fried Chicken, Kuay teow and delicious fruity beverages!

The event was a major hit amongst the students on campus! The food bazaar reached our target sales record and proved to be quite a success. MUVP hopes everyone enjoyed it as much as we did. 

Hope to see you at our events in the future!


MUVP Charity Book Fair Sem 2, 2019


The MUVP Book Fair took place on the 2nd of September and ended on the 6th of September. 

The event saw a large turnout from Monashians and the community in general, who thoroughly enjoyed the variety of different books on sale. All revenue earned from the charity book fair was donated to XPM Welfare society (XPM Welfare Society is an NGO that advocates recycling, a cause MUVP sincerely believes in)


  World Humanitarian Day Sem 2, 2019

Monash University Malaysia in collaboration with the UNHCR proudly hosted the World Humanitarian Day (WHD19) on 19th August 2019

MUVP members played their role in this special event by contributing their time and efforts in volunteering and chaperoning children throughout the day!

This was a very important day, honouring the strength and courage of vulnerable communities including refugees and encourages public awareness and support of these communities and MUVP was privileged to have been a part of it.


MUVP Volunteer Briefing Session Sem 2, 2019

On 9th August 2019, MUVP conducted their volunteer briefing night. The briefing session was a chance for volunteers to introduce themselves to their respective NGO’s group leaders and Liaison Officers. The session provided volunteers, the opportunity to get acquainted with their group leaders as well as group mates, with introductions being followed up by ice breaking games. Group leaders proceeded to go through the volunteering packets with the volunteers and making sure everyone was aware of their rights and responsibilities.

Volunteers were also given the opportunity to hear about the experiences of some of the MUVP veterans, with their return proving how positive their MUVP experience has been


MUVP Volunteer Appreciation Night Sem 1, 2019

To conclude a very fruitful semester, a volunteer appreciation night was held to commemorate bittersweet memories made throughout the semester where volunteers and the MUVP committee got together to hangout, eat and take pictures!

The event was held in the evening of 23rd May in week 11. Not only was it a fun filled night to appreciate our volunteers but also served to de-stress everybody from the fast approaching exam season!

The theme this year was a Pajama party. Yep! you heard it right. Everybody showed up in their best pajamas and enjoyed delicious pizza and soft drinks for dinner.

 A video montage of photos taken during volunteering was also created and presented on a large screen where many volunteers found themselves reminiscing of their time spent during volunteering sessions.

The best part about the night had to be the photo booth! Hundreds of pictures were taken with the many props available such as cool hats, gigantic sunglasses and funny wigs!

The volunteer appreciation night was the perfect goodbye to a great semester with MUVP. 

MUVP Food Bazaar Sem 1, 2019

Who doesn’t love delicious food?!

MUVP hosted its first Food Bazaar of the year from 16th to 18th April near the Monash field. The Bazaar consisted delicious food and drinks from fifteen vendors, appealing to many different kinds of palettes. The bazaar operated from 9 AM to 4 PM covering for breakfast and lunch for busy students and staff members in need of delicious and quick snacks!

Our personal favourites were the delicious chicken and vegetable dumplings and the spicy Kuay Teow, not to mention cold and sweet Turkish ice cream on a hot sunny day!

An important feature of the MUVP food bazaar was its BYOC (Bring Your Own Cups/Containers) policy to promote preservation of the environment by boycotting single use plastics.

The event was a thriving success. How could it not be? The food was delicious, we helped preserve our precious environment AND all funds were directed towards charity. 



MUVP Charity Book Fair Sem 1, 2019

In collaboration with XPM welfare society, MUVP hosted its first charity book fair of the year from 24th March to 28th March in the Foyer at Monash University Malaysia.

As expected, a large number of Monashians and staff members visited the book fair through out the week and enjoyed the variety of different books presented at the stalls.

The event was a simple one, attracting those who love to read and ofcourse those willing to contribute to society. All proceeds from the book fair were directed to XPM welfare society, an NGO advocating recycling for charity!



MUVP Volunteer Briefing Session Sem 1, 2019

On the 12th of August, a new and enthusiastic group of volunteers joined us for their briefing session. This informational session was held for the purpose of educating the new fellows regarding their rights and responsibilities towards MUVP and their respective NGOs, to get acquainted with their Liaison officers and to meet their new groups of friends that they will be required to work with.
The session began with a registration process where all committee members welcomed the new volunteers and directed them to their respective NGO booths, each handled by a Liaison officer. After registration of a near 200 volunteers, the volunteers were seated in the hall according to their chosen NGOs. 

Shortly after,  the presentation began, highlighting important areas such as point of contact for the reference of volunteers, the list of 10 NGOs currently affiliated with MUVP and their description, rules and regulations pertaining to behavioural expectations and dress code during volunteering. A special emphasis was given to insurance of international students.

Lastly, a video montage of photos and clips from the previous semester was shown as a reflection of sweet memories made with MUVP and its volunteers. 

After the end of the presentation, volunteers were asked to get involved in a session of icebreaking games by their Liaison officers to get acquainted with other fellow volunteers and to learn what the new volunteers hope to achieve by dedicating their time to the humble act of volunteering. 

All in all, the MUVP volunteer briefing session was a fun beginning to a semester full of new friends, fun volunteering sessions and rewards of self-actualization by doing good for the society.

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