Confidentiality Agreement

The Monash University Volunteer Program greatly appreciates volunteer contribution. The time and skills contributed by volunteers helps make the goals of the Monash University Volunteer Program (hereinafter referred to as MUVP) achievable. With every hand stretched towards those in need, we make a positive difference in someone’s life one day at time.
The Confidentiality Agreement for MUVP Volunteers sets out the terms by which all volunteers are required to engage with the agency.

1. Duration
The period that you will be engaged in volunteer activities for MUVP.

2. Assignment
As per your Position Description.

3. Promotion of MUVP Interests
MUVP Volunteers shall best endeavour to promote and enhance the interests, welfare, business, growth, and, reputation of MUVP and any relevant parties/programs; and not intentionally act contrary to the interests of MUVP.

4. Confidential Information
MUVP Volunteers shall not, except as authorised by the MUVP Coordinator, use for their own benefit or gain or divulge to any persons, company, or other organisations whatsoever any confidential information relating to their affairs or dealings with MUVP and its NGO Partners(hereinafter referred to as Partners). This restriction shall cease to apply to any information or knowledge which may subsequently come into the public domain other than by way of authorised disclosure.
All confidential records, documents and other papers provided by MUVP and its NGO Partners, together with any copies or extracts thereof, made or acquired by MUVP Volunteers during the course of their engagement with the agency and its NGO Partners shall remain the property of MUVP.
“Confidential information” shall include all information which has been specifically designated as confidential by MUVP  and its Partners, and any information which relates to the commercial and financial activities of the agency and its Partners, the unauthorised disclosure of which would embarrass, harm, or discredit the agency and its Partners. It does not extend to information already in the public domain unless such information arrived there by unauthorised means.

5. Adherence to the Privacy Act
MUVP committee officials and volunteers are required to abide by the Privacy Act. Volunteer and committee official responsibilities when dealing with personal information follow the 10 National Privacy Principles. The principles set the standard that MUVP is required to observe in collecting, storing, using, disclosing, protecting and transferring personal information. Information and special protection applies to this information.