Child Safe Conduct Protocol

The Monash University Volunteer Program (MUVP) wishes to protect the children we come into contact with as well as protecting staff, volunteers and those associated with MUVP and its activities.

As a representative of MUVP, you must sign and abide by this code of conduct which requires you to:

1. Conduct yourself in a manner consistent with your position as a positive role model to children and as a representative of MUVP.

2. Follow organisational policy and guidelines around the safety of children as outlined in the Child Safe Policy.

3. Follow relevant local, state and national law pertaining to working with children.

4. Be respectful of children’s rights, background, culture and beliefs as set out in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

5. If as part of your role you are required to work with children in any capacity, you should ensure that:

• You are not placed in a position where you are alone with children, by ensuring that there is always another adult present when working in the proximity of children.

• You avoid any physical contact with children unless necessary for their own safety.

• You use language and topics appropriate to the situation avoiding suggestive comments to a child, even as a joke. Avoid any actions or words intended to humiliate or belittle children.

• You avoid rough physical games or interactions with children that can be misinterpreted. Physical punishment of children is prohibited.

• Your relationships with children are not exploitative or abusive.

6. Photographs of children/adults must not be taken without the official permission of the non-governmental organisation hosting the volunteer activity, as well as a MUVP executive.

7. Any breaches of this code of conduct by MUVP Representatives or others, including all concerns regarding suspected child abuse and exploitation must be reported in writing directly to the MUVP Coordinator Child Safe Officer as soon as possible.

*To be read in conjunction with the Child Safe Policy.

I have read this Policy and Code of Conduct and agree to abide by it at all times to protect myself and the children I may come in contact with through my work for Monash University Volunteer Program.